Benefit of Porridge

The recent addition to my breakfast, Yola Porridge is packed with nuts and seeds and brings a whole new dimension to healthy porridge. Lots of Breakfast cereals have wheat as the main grain. Many people do not realise that a large % of the population have an intolerance to wheat. You could be intolerant and not even know that it does not agree with your body. I myself have a slight intolerance to wheat, if I eat a lot of white bread my body would suffer gut pains. This was bad for my body and as soon as I realised that wheat was my problem. I cut out the bulk intake. My body was functioning perfectly and my pains ceased completely.

Although I had cut bread out of my diet, I found it hard to find a substitute cereal that was wheat free. It was not very hard to find wheat free Granola or Porridge but finding one that I really enjoyed was the main hardship. Till I found this great Irish produce Yola Porridge. Porridge is easy to digest Great for young or old,

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All About Food Waste Problem

An occidental problem

In 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations published some numbers about food waste. Each year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are produced and not consumed. The situation mainly happens in the industrialized countries.

Three causes exist. A big part of food products never reach the consumers. Bad harvests are not sold to the food industry and this industry, after their purchases, throws away the raw material for esthetical reasons.

Secondly, domestic households buy a lot of things in the supermarkets. For example, many vegetables are bought because we want to go on a diet, and when the dinner is coming, the starving guides us towards junk foods or quick cooking. Expiration dates give by food industry are too short, but they are decided by the law. However, all the professionals confirm that it’s just an indication and many products can be eaten few days after this date.

The hotels and restaurants are also concerned. Between clients who don’t eat all the food in their plates and cooks who order too much to prevent an excessive consumption, the waste is frequent.

Which are

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Benefit Of Banana Peels

Banana is a fruit commonly found in most households. Yet – we never realize the diverse benefits and uses that this fruit has. Apart from being a fantastic source of potassium, banana peels are packed with nutrients and vitamins. It holds so much more than just nutrition. It aids us in so many beneficial uses within our daily lives. Next time you eat a banana – preserve it!

Listed below are a range of fantastic and convenient uses:

1. Bruises

Having an unsightly bruise can be embarrassing. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel over the bruise. This will help diminish the appearance.

2. Depression

Wash out the skin of the banana and boil it for a few minutes. Allow this mixture to cool and drink it. Research has found that this concoction can ease depression. It contains a component called tryptophan which stimulates the release of serotonin.

3. Skin Exfoliation

It is great for natural exfoliation. It improves skins complexion. Simply massage your skin two or three times a week. The nutrients absorb into the skin, rejuvenating and removing dead skin cells. The result is

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All About Microwave Cooking

When you think “microwave meal”, it usually conjures up a range of mixed emotions from will my dish cook through, will it be flavoursome, and will it be raw or overcooked? Believe it or not, cooking in a microwave is actually one of the easiest things to do.

It’s the quickest way to whip up something delicious and different, and depending on what you’re cooking, you can save a lot of time too. So if you’re a beginner in the kitchen, have a craving and need a quick fix, or just don’t want to spend time over a hot stove, then microwave meals are the answer.

Of course not everything can be cooked perfectly in a microwave, like a cake or crunchy crackle for instance, but once you pick up a few basic tricks then you can turn out some pretty decent meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that require nothing more than a cutting board and bowl. Another bonus is since you’re cutting down the amount of oil or fats used when you cook in these kitchen appliances, the method can be a lot healthier than cooking that same food on the stove.

Whip up easy breakfast bowls of porridge or scrambled

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How To Make Fast Gourmet

Eating healthy on a tight schedule and budget can be difficult, but gets so much easier with practice. Allowing myself to cheap out on the bulk of my ingredients and prep time, and supplement them with fresh produce and some special add-ons have transformed my life. Instead of stressing over time and the pressure to make a delicious meal for my family, I cheat and it works! No one will be the wiser and will love these quick meals.

Easy Vegetable Omelets

Frozen bags of mixed vegetables are a staple in my home. Carrots, broccoli and snow peas make excellent easy stir fry toppings and bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms make excellent omelet or quiche ingredients. Simple warm olive oil in a pan on medium heat, add your bag of vegetables, place lid on top and stir occasionally to begin. Add brown rice or eggs and seasoning to taste. Simplifying your meals by removing prep time and the amount of pots and pans needed is key. This meal minimizes cleaning and chopping vegetables and only uses 1 or 2 pans. Your meal should be on the breakfast table in 30.

Healthy Choice Chipotle At Home

Healthy Choice Steamers makes a delicious burrito bowl

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Tricks To Use Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is brimming with health benefits, but for many how to make use of it isn’t something that comes easily. Cacao powder looks like chocolate powder and as such it’s hard to imagine having it as breakfast or even an in-between snack when trying to live a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet.

The first way to use this product is to make a delicious pudding. Having a dessert after the evening meal doesn’t need to be a treat or even kept only for a cheat day, you can enjoy this type of pudding for breakfast. Use the cacao powder with avocado to make a delicious and completely gluten-free and healthy pudding which you can enjoy as a breakfast, after dinner treat or even an in-between meal snack.

Next make a breakfast treat that you can enjoy every morning. Mix the powder with cottage cheese and chia seeds to give you all the proteins you need throughout the day. There is no reason that you cannot enjoy your meals. Spread this mix on toast or eat it straight out of the bowl and enjoy your morning energy boost in the most enjoyable way.

You can sprinkle the cacao powder over fruit when making

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The Secret of Delicious Taco

When tacos first crossed the US border they were already undergoing a transformation from their origins. Taco caterers are revisiting the original version of tacos.

Legend has it that silver miners in Mexico, circa 1700s, created the first taco. But that’s because the word “taco” was used to refer to little packets of dynamite used to break up rocks to find veins of silver ore. The folding of paper around the explosives was similar to the foods those miners may have carried with them to fuel what was undoubtedly hard work.

Flash forward to the 21st century, when taco caterers bring us every variety of taco that draws inspiration from Europe, the Far East, North America and Africa. Those wonderful pockets made of corn or flour tortillas carry an explosion of taste that have cross-cultural appeal.

As best they can be surmised, of the Zacatecas and Durango states of Mexico (these are the silver mining areas). Characteristics of the tacos found here include the following:

• Soft tacos always made of maize (corn), always served warm and moist.

• Lettuce and tomato are served as side dishes, not as a taco ingredient.

• A broad variety of meats are used (but not hamburger), perhaps in a

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Things You Need To Know About Soft Drinks

Warnings about the dangers of soft drink consumption came to us in 1942 when the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Council on Food and Nutrition made the following noble statement:

“From the health point of view it is desirable especially to have restriction of such use of sugar as is represented by consumption of sweetened carbonated beverages and forms of candy which are of low nutritional value. The Council believes it would be in the interest of the public health for all practical means to be taken to limit consumption of sugar in any form in which it fails to be combined with substantial proportions of other foods of high nutritive quality.”

Colossal increases in soft drink consumption have not happened by chance, they are due to intense marketing efforts by soft drink corporations. To soft drink marketing the adult market is stagnant so kids are the target. Soft drink companies spend billions on advertising. Much of these marketing efforts are aimed at children through playgrounds, toys, cartoons, movies, videos, charities and amusement parks; and through contests, sweepstakes, games and clubs via television, radio, magazines and the internet. Their efforts have paid off.

In 1998 the Center for Science in the Public Interest

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Avoid These Mistakes Before Hire Catering

Hiring catering companies is important in making events better since these companies provide delicious meals and refreshing drinks during your event. Unfortunately, event planners sometimes make mistakes in choosing such companies. To avoid this, it is best to know the mistakes event planners make. Below are some of the following.

Not considering your budget

One of the most common mistakes event planners may experience when hiring catering companies is not considering their budget. When organizing an event, you need to spend a lot of money to match your needs.

However, make sure that you only invest in essential items you need in the event. For instance, when hiring catering companies, you need to make sure that you only opt for the right menu to avoid overhead expenses. This is important since improving events mean spending more money. So, before making decisions, you need to budget your finances properly.

Working with the wrong type of caterer

The next mistake event planners make when hiring a catering company is opting for the wrong type of caterers. Most of the time individuals think all caterers are the same. Of course, caterers provide the best catering services. Sadly, not all caterers can accommodate your event. Because of this, there

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All About Sushi

At its basic level sushi that can decide whether you’ll be able enough to shed weight or not. Sushi is generally seen as a positive addition to health conscious individuals’ meal plans. It is true that sushi has many advantages for the body.

Although sushi is good for you the more traditional the sushi the better it usually is for you. As of late, different kinds of western sushi also have been created. Western sushi dishes are also produced from high fat kinds of fish like tuna, yellow tail, swordfish and other types of fish but what generally sets apart the western style is the addition of sauces that can raise the calorie count of the rolls and sway it from being a healthy choice to one that is not so great for your body. If you are looking to stay healthy and eat sushi the best bet is to stay traditional, and get the basic rolls or sashimi without extra sauces.

While sushi is really a dish made from raw fish or alternative seafood with rice infused with vinegar and functions as a principal course meal, sashimi is usually served at the very beginning of the meal for a cleanser and

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Facts Behind Fast Food

New research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health suggests that indulging in just one fast food meal per week increases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20 percent compared to those who abstain from it. Does who take it four or more times a week has 80 percent increase compared to those who don’t yield to the temptation. The statistics come from Chinese residents of Singapore, which the Minnesota team described as “a hotbed for diabetes and heart disease.” The investigators examined data collected over 16 years beginning in 1993 and followed the eating habits of 52,000 individuals. Another surprise: the study participants who reported eating the most fast food were younger, better educated, smoked less and were more likely to be physically active – a profile the researchers noted is normally associated with lower cardio-metabolic risk.

Though eating of fast food is part of our lifestyle. in a study published in the April 2004 issue of the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition.” Eating too much of it have health consequences. A number of studies have linked fast food to health problems, It including an increased risk of obesity, poor nutrition, diabetes, heart

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Tips To Choose Food Catering

Catering can be very overwhelming. Regardless of whether you are ordering for a meeting or perhaps you are a newly engaged couple planning your special day, there are indeed a couple of great ways for simplifying your catering and saving money doing it.

Understanding the different types of catering is a great place to start. Each type has a different type of planning, ordering and pricing procedures. After narrowing down one of these, it will be a lot simpler for you to choose your menus whilst saving you time and money on the ordering.

4 General Catering Types

Wedding – From the guests to the bride and groom, you would certainly want to make sure that everyone eats well. Dinner, decorations, dessert and beverages are just a part of the planning.

Corporate – From small office training to huge regional events, the ability to have excellent food and beverages delivered in site will help save time and money. Also, this will allow you to focus on the more important task at hand. Some of the popular catering services for corporate events will include box lunches, buffets, and continental breakfast.

Concession – Seasonal major public events are included in this category. You will always find catered

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Secret of being Craving For Food

You’re at home watching your favorite Netflix show. You get the sudden urge to scarf down some ice cream, or maybe it’s French fries or chips that you crave. You may even think that life cannot go on without taking a bite of that juicy burger you’ve been salivating over. These are called cravings.

Let’s clear one thing up right out of the gate: cravings and hunger are not the same thing. Saying that craving something and being hungry are the same is like saying that fast food is healthy; it just isn’t true. Cravings are generated by the brain, while the stomach controls hunger. When you are hungry, you eat food and feel full. You can be full and still crave something. Your body is communicating with you when you have a craving, and saying that it needs certain nutrients.

A lot of people have cravings because they are deficient in certain nutrients. For example, craving soda usually means you are deficient in calcium. If you crave sweets, you may need more carbon, phosphorus, and chromium in your diet. To better understand cravings, we’ve compiled a list of examples of what your body needs so you won’t have them.


A lot

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Factors That Affecting Your Appetite

Appetite is very important since it is the built-in mechanism of your body for food intake regulation. It drives you to eat enough in order to meet your body’s energy. Under normal circumstances, the appetite mechanism works excellently. In the recent years, experts have learned a lot about how appetite mechanisms are working.

Factors Influencing Appetite

Food in the stomach – If you eat, your stomach will distend. Such distension will activate the appetite control switch in your brain, telling you to stop eating and reducing hunger until it’s time for you to eat again. Hence, your appetite will be switched off. Be aware that your appetite mechanism will work best of you base your diet in foods having low energy density such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats.

Level of glucose in your blood – Most people believe that decreasing blood glucose levels is the main cause of hunger. People tend to become hungrier if their blood sugar level decreases. Still, there are a lot of things to be discovered to prove such correlation.

Production of Leptin – Leptin is among the hormones in your body that regulates your appetite. It is produced by fat cells. It acts on the

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Benefit of Eating Healthy

I haven’t always been someone who eats healthy. I was raised in the days of TV dinners on trays, sitting in front of Gilligan’s Island in the TV room with my three siblings. Good nutrition and eating healthy may come easily to some, but for the rest of us, it may be a gradual progression of steps.

My family rarely visited or spoke during dinner. Commercials were reserved for running into the kitchen to get more milk. For variety, we would have canned SpaghettiOs, or Campbell’s soup with grilled cheese. Healthy wasn’t a concept that entered into my mind when eating. The goals were good taste and ease of preparation.

This changed when, at nineteen, I took a class on values clarification. The instructor had us assess what our values were by looking at where we were putting our time and energy, and considering what was most important to ourselves. I realized there was a huge contrast between my desire to be healthy and the food choices I was making.

Many of my peers were making their own granola, yogurt and growing vegetables to eat. The “hip” thing was to be a vegetarian. I wanted to be doing these sorts of things, but

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What Do You Need To Know About National Taco Day

Hint: It falls on October 4 each and every year. The year 2016 is special, as are the many ways you can celebrate what has become universally appealing fare.

Some people know about National Taco Day, which is October 4 every year. And everyone knows about Taco Tuesday. Well, the stars are aligned in 2016 when National Taco Day falls on a Tuesday. Resistance is futile.

So as you indulge, it might make sense to understand why tacos have taken on both a day of the year and a day of the week. The reasons are:

Mexican, and yet global: While the specific origins of the taco are uncertain, what’s not disputed is they came from Mexico. Prior to 1962 (the year Taco Bell was founded), tacos at best were street food sold by street vendors, served traditional selections involving pork steaks or chorizo, sometimes with guacamole, salsa, onions and cilantro. But in a modern world, tacos can be made with ingredients more associated with Korean barbecues, with Eastern European spices, or just the American style with ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes.

As healthy as you want them to be: A hearty taco doesn’t have to be a gut buster. Leaner meats – chicken,

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Pros Gluten Free Diet

You will find this natural protein in grains like barley, wheat, and rye. Some people are allergic to this protein and have a disease called gluten intolerance. It is also referred to as Celiac disease. They have an immune reaction and can cause different symptoms like anemia, weight loss or gain, sudden malnutrition, fatigue, and more. When a person has gluten intolerance they will start eating a gluten-free diet to help prevent these symptoms from happening. Although they do have to be sure to stay away from products with gluten, there is still a variety of food options. There are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, fish, meats, poultry, and eggs. Your physician will help you with figuring out an acceptable gluten free diet that will give you all of the minerals and vitamins your body needs.


A gluten free diet is prescribed, along with drug therapy, for the effective treat of different medical conditions. This diet will benefit the following medical conditions.

• Celiac disease-this autoimmune disorder is inherited and results in injury to the lining of your small intestine after you eat gluten. It is important that you follow this diet plan to promote the healing of the lining of your

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All About Food Quality in Performance

Each time we sit down to eat, we make decisions that either support the digestive and immune system or don’t. We can either contribute to inflammation or have the opposite effect.

While these all sound like nutrition mumbo jumbo, these elements have a huge impact on your performance outside. Imagine trying to go on an intense day-long hike with gas pains and cramping. Or have a cold/cough on a ride at 10,000 ft.

Your performance is determined by the little choices you make every day, long before you hop in the car to head out on your adventure.

The Goals of Food Quality in Performance:

  1. Consistency – to perform consistently strong without cold or flu symptoms getting in the way.
  2. Feel Good – have a clear head, no digestive upsets, and strong muscles.
  3. Recovery Quickly – be able to get outside doing more of what you love more often.

What to Focus on:

  1. Supporting your digestive system (feel good and perform strong)
  2. Supporting your immune system (70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract!)
  3. Reducing inflammation (this will help you recover more quickly)

Quality Guidelines:

  1. Remove all foods you may be allergic or sensitive to – these can irritate your digestive system in the short term and weaken your
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The Reason You Need To Try Dried Fruit

Once you buy goji berries, you are going to be very happy with them! These red berries are delicious and very filling. They can be a wonderful snack to help you get through the day without relying in foods high in sugar or high in carbs. As a result, you will feel full but you won’t be giving your body empty calories.

Since this fruit is dried, you can enjoy it all year long. You can also savor it and not worry it is going to go bad if it doesn’t get consumed right away. You can even take it with you when you travel for a great snack while you are on the go.

Nutritional Value

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you consume. When you buy goji berries, you will be eager to consume them. You can pack them for lunch, carry some in the car, and give them to the kids for a great treat when they want something to much on. The nutritional value of them is what often encourages people to try them.

Yet it is the great taste that keeps them coming back again and again. It is important to buy goji berries that are organic.

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Benefit Buy Organic Vegetables

Before you buy cacao powder, verify it is both organic and pure. Otherwise, it isn’t going to offer you the same overall value. Don’t be misled into thinking you have the bests benefits coming your way. It can be frustrating to discover that wasn’t the case due to the product you purchased. With the right information and facts, you can make a well-informed decision.


When you buy cacao powder, the underlying reason may be to consume something that is healthier than the alternatives. However, the health benefits can be lowered if you don’t have an organic product to work with. The way in which the beans are grown and processed will determine if it is organic or not.

Make sure you find out what the process before you buy a product. When other methods are used to make it that aren’t organic, the value offered from the product will be reduced from what you thought you were getting. It will still be better for you, but not as good as it could be. If you are going to go this route, why not got the distance and get the very best you can?


You will often hear pure referred to as raw when

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